27 Ocak 2010 Çarşamba

How To Become A Successful Bodybuilder

Success in the body building venture is a perfection of patience, of a resolute determination, of unfailing consistence, of persistence, of meticulous implementation of decisions, of dedication and of constant self evaluation.

A successful body builder must master the ordinary way of thinking that is tentative and largely pessimistic. His or her mind is actually the single strongest 'muscle' in the body. And just as other the other muscles need to be developed and built, so too does the mind. It must be trained to think positive, to see success as a reality and a possibility and even more importantly to chart the best way towards visualized physiques. The mind set of a successful body builder is past the reproach of negative thoughts and escapism.

There is nothing more prominent among failures in body building than a mind set that is primarily wired to avoid pain and discomfort. That is why those gym are full of people who never hesitate to tell you not to 'strain yourself" with intense workout regimes. 'you are overdoing it' they will say or even worse, 'what for do you punish yourself this much?' how else are you supposed to overcome the body's resistance to training without feeling uncomfortable? How else are you going to gain maximal mass without amplifying your intensity and thereby overdoing conventional exercises? How else are you going to be the best in the league if you don't go the extra mile? What will make the difference between you and the rest if you don't put that extra effort? What is going to drive home the ambition, the passion and the dream of body building glory if you don't set your mind towards it?


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