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People generally judg

he initial few seconds of a first date can set the tone for a whole relationship, and there's no doubt that the way you look will play a part in that first impression. You might think your witty repartee should be able to make you shine all on its own, but studies have shown that appearance is, inevitably, a huge factor in the way we judge a person, however much we might deny it.

People generally judge other people on what might seem to be far more superficial level, assessing a new person 70% by how they look, 20% on how they sound and only 10% on what they say, and dating is no exception. Here are the top dos and don'ts for getting your clothes just right on a first date.

DO be yourself

It's always fun to get dressed up for an event like a first date, but overdo it and you won't feel like yourself. The most important thing when dating is to be happy and relaxed and to convey your own wonderful character to the person you are dating. If you wear something you're not comfortable in then, no matter how fashionable it is, the effect will only be to make you feel uncomfortable. Most men say they prefer a woman to dress attractively but casually on a first date.


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