1 Şubat 2010 Pazartesi

The Right Way Of Applying Makeup

Applying makeup properly takes a bit of research, some pictures for a visual and lots of practice. There are lots of different kinds of makeup and makeup tools that it is important to know what they are all used for. Some people wear the same makeup during the day and night, while other people have a special look for night and a different one for the day. There is also appropriate makeup for going out at night and a more suitable one for daytime use.

Makeup has been around for years and continuous to improve and intrigue us with new ideas and fancy packaging. With all of the makeup counters at the mall and so many different brands to choose from at the drug stores it`s amazing to riffle through and pick colors and brands that will work. The best thing to do is to have a look through magazines and find a look that you like.

Try to find a model that has the same hair color and skin tone as you. Once you do find a look you like, check the bottom of the magazine, sometimes there is a note in tiny writing that tells you what the model is wearing. And if you don`t want to buy the particular brands she is wearing, at least you can copy the colors.


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